Mildred Perry Memorial Lecture

About the Mildred Perry Memorial Lecture

Formerly, the On the Road Meeting series was developed by the Pittsburgh Section as a response to the difficulty that section members living far from Pittsburgh might have in attending activities in and near Pittsburgh. Please contact the On the Road Coordinator if you would be interested in hosting a session at your location.

2016 Mildred Perry Memorial Lecture Summary – Waynesburg University – March 29

The Mildred Perry Memorial Lecture, formerly known as the ACS on the Road Meeting Series, provides a forum for members throughout the region to gather together. On Tuesday, March 29th this annual event was hosted at Waynesburg University in conjunction with the Crosby Lecture Series.  Attendees had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Harry Gray present a talk entitled “The 21st Century Solar Army”.  Well-known for work in his early career in establishing ligand field theory and electron transport, Dr. Gray instead spoke to both the challenges of and potential for harnessing solar energy in an efficient, cost-effective, and durable fashion.  Dr. Gray’s approach to this crucial task is to engage students and researchers across the world to work collaboratively in identifying materials that will aid in energy conversion and storage processes.  Following the lecture, students and ACS participants had the opportunity to talk further with Dr. Gray during a reception sponsored by the section.  The 2017 Mildred Perry Memorial Lecture will be held at California University of Pennsylvania.  If you are interested in hosting a future meeting, please contact Evonne Baldauff (

Footage from the  November 2015 Mildred Perry Memorial Lecture and Poster Session at Seton Hill University


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