Younger Chemists Committee

The Younger Chemists Committee is dedicated to servicing the section’s members who are 35 and under with the following two mission statements:

1.  The Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) advocates for and provides resources to early-career chemists and professionals in the chemical sciences and related fields.

2.  The YCC addresses specific issues facing younger chemists within the ACS and serves as a voice to the Society on behalf of younger chemists

The three main goals of this group include:

  1. Make the ACS relevant to younger chemists
  2. Dramatically increase the involvement of younger chemists in all levels of the ACS
  3. Integrate younger chemists into the profession

Membership in the YCC is open to all.  This group is currently seeking nominations for Secretary and Treasurer.  If you are interested in joining or want more information, please contact the following officers:

Chair – Matthew Baker –
Chair-Elect –
Treasurer – Kiersten Bendzlowicz –
Secretary – Jing Kong –
Publicity – Paulina Kryś-
Projects and Programs – Hannah Loch –
Fundraising Coordinator – Lea Veras –
Community Outreach Coordinator – Eric Gottlieb – –
Social Coordinator – Josh Worch –

Visit our website at

Subscribe to our newsletter by visiting this link:


Our yearly dues are $15 for university affiliates (undergraduate, graduate, post-doc, and educator) and $20 for industry.  Dues can be paid by cash or check. If you would like to mail your membership, please send a CHECK ONLY.  Membership benefits you through free/reduced cost events. The membership form can be found on the YCC website (

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