Energy Technology

The ACS Energy Technology Group evolved from the section’s Coal Technology Group.  The group is dedicated to servicing those members involved with the enrgy field with the following mission statement:

Our mission is to educate the chemical and engineering community in the Pittsburgh region on the science and technology of methods of energy production and more efficient use.  The Pittsburgh region is the birthplace and development locale of most modern energy sources in the United States today:  coal, oil, gas, electricity (generation and transmission), nuclear.  We conduct monthly presentations, annual symposia, and cooperate with museums.

Membership in the Energy Technology Group is open to all.  For more information, please contact:

Below is a list of current officers:

Chairman:  Andy Takacs
Program Chair:  Maggie Hall
Treasurer:  Jim Miller
Secretary:  Elliott Bergman
Executive:  Perry Bergman
Past Chairman:  Al Mann

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