Pittsburgh Section/Bidwell Outstanding Student Award

About the Award

The Pittsburgh Section/Bidwell Outstanding Student of the Year is presented to a member of each graduating class of the Bidwell Training Center Chemical Laboratory program (two classes per year) selected from nominations received from the staff. The award is a plaque, presented at a graduation ceremony.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Mautino at michael.mautino@covestro.com.

Congratulations to Our Recent Winners

Cortney Steiner (October 2017)
Tyler Siedlecki (April 2017)
Stephen Quinlan (October 2016)
Nathan Gloeckl (May 2016)
Devi Khatiwada (October 2015)
Nicole Fulton (March 2015)
Eric Milsom (September 2014)
Clara McDonough (April 2014)
Richard Horn (July 2013)
Ayla Pasquini (January 2013)
Nathan Smichnick (June 2012)
Ebone Smith-Johnson (November 2011)
Del Rodrigquez (November 2011)
Lee Baker (April 2011)
Carlosa Roberts-Jackson (October 2010)
Christopher Knittel (May 2010)


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