Final Reporting Guidelines and Event Sign-In Sheet

Please use this Event Sign-In Sheet for all of your events.

Please click on the link below for a document to complete at your meetings and events.
ACS Final Reporting Guidelines.  It is also fillable to complete and submit electronically.  Please submit to the Section Chair.


1.  Name of Event (80 characters or less)
2.  Brief Description (500 characters or less)
3.  Was this a first time event?  (Yes or No)
4.  Primary Contact(s)
5.  List the categories or types of groups involved.  (Awards, Career Services, Communications, Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, Education (Teachers/Students), Family/Spouse Activities, Joint Meeting, Government Affairs, Industry, K-12 Student, K-12 Teacher, Minority Affairs, National Meeting, National Chemistry Week, Project SEED, Public Outreach, Career Services, Regional Meeting, Science Café, Science Fairs and Festivals, Section Meeting or Event, Senior Chemists, Social/Networking, Student Member, Supporting Activities, Symposium, Women Chemists, Younger Chemists, Member Services, National Lab Day, Other)

6.  Which strategic goals from the ACS Strategic Plan does this event support?  1.  Provide Information. Be the most authoritative, comprehensive, and indispensable provider of chemistry-related information.  2. Advance Members Careers.  Empower an inclusive community of members with networks, opportunities, resources, and skills to thrive in the global economy.  3.  Improve Education.  Foster the development of the most innovative, relevant, and effective chemistry education in the world.  4.   Communicate Chemistry’s Value.   Communicate chemistry’s vital role in addressing the world’s challenges to the public and policy makers.
7. Event Frequency (Annual, Bi-monthly, Monthly, One Time, Quarterly, Other)
8. Event Date

Participation and Attendance

1.  List the supporting committees involved.  (Awards, Budget/Finance, Career Assistance/Employment, Chemistry Olympiad, Community Activities, Continuing Education, Education Environmental, EHS, Government Affairs, Industry Relations, Long Range Planning, Membership/Membership Retention, Mentoring, Minority Affairs, Newsletter/Publications, Nominations, Professional Relations, Project SEED, Public Relations, Senior Chemists, Women Chemists, Younger Chemists, Other)
2.  List Event Partners (ACS)
3.  List Event Partners (non ACS)
4.  Estimated number of volunteers
5.  Member volunteers estimate
6.  Non-member volunteer estimate
7.  Estimate number of hours your volunteers spent on your sectoin’s activity
8.  Number of Member attendees
9.  Number of non-Member Attendees
10.  Number of Members from the Public
11.  Estimated Total Cost
12.  List outside funding or support sources.  (Innovative Project Grant (IPG), Division Grants, Industry, In-Kind Donations, LSAC Mini/NanoGrant, No Outside Funding or Support, Other ACS Grants, Other)
13.  How was the Event Covered?  (Email, Radio, Television, Web, Other)
14.  How was the event promoted?  (ACS Network, C & EN, Email, Newsletters, Social Network, Website, Other)


1.  Evaluate the success of the program on a scale of 1-10 (1-least successful & 10-most successful)
2.  What were the greatest successes of the event? (500 characters or less)
3.  Lessons learned/suggestions to improve event (500 characters or less)

Supporting Materials

Please share any pictures (welcomed and encouraged), program books, meeting promotion items.



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