Pittsburgh Section Honors


Congratulations to Michael Mautino – 2018 Local Section Outreach Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to ACS Pittsburgh Section Michael Mautino.  He has been named 2018 Local Section Outreach Volunteer of the Year!  This award was established by ACS National to recognize the immeasurable outreach efforts made by local section volunteers.  Congratulations, Mike, and thanks for all you do!


Congratulations to 2016 Pittsburgh Award Winner Dr. Neil Donahue – Now Wins The Esselen Award for Chemistry in the Public Interest 

This award is one of the most prestigious honors provided by the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society. The award annually recognizes a chemist whose scientific and technical work has contributed to the public well-being, and has thereby communicated positive values of the chemical profession.  Congratulations, Neil!

Congratulations to Todd M. Przybycien –  2017 ACS Fellow

Dr. Todd Przybycien from Carnegie Mellon University was one of only 65 ACS Fellows named in 2017.  This honor is bestowed upon members for their outstanding accomplishments in scientific research, education, and public service.  Congratulations, Todd!

Pittsburgh High School Student Onyah Sheely is named Project Seed Scholar

The American Chemical Society Committee on Project SEED has announced the winners of its 2016–17 college scholarships. The recipients, who were selected from participants in ACS’s Project SEED research program, received one-year nonrenewable scholarships of up to $5,000 to help cover tuition and fees during their freshman year of college.  Onyah Sheely is a graduate of Imani Christian Academy in Pittsburgh. Under the guidance of Robyn Francis at Covestro, Sheely conducted research titled “Competitive Comparisons between Multiple Carbonate Grades.” Sheely is majoring in chemistry at Howard University.  Thanks, Robyn and Covestro and good luck and congratulations, Onyah!


See the Pittsburgh Section and CERM 2014 Mentioned in Chemical and Engineering News

Our local section was featured in the September 26, 2016 issue of C & E News, in the ChemLuminary Awards write-up. Click here to see the article with our parts highlighted! Congratulations to Michael Mautino and NCW, WCC for their NCW Ronald McDonald House event, and the CERM 2014 Organizing Committee!

Congratulations to 2015 Pittsburgh Award Winner and ACS Pittsburgh Section Member Kay Brummond – in C and E News Feature Story

ACS Pittsburgh Section Member and University of Pittsburgh Department of Chemistry Chair, Kay Brummond was featured in the September 12, 2016 issue of C and E News Story – Women Crack the Academic Glass Ceiling.  Congratulations and thanks for being a role model to all women in science, Kay!

Congratulations to Michael Mautino’s National Chemistry Week – ChemFest Featured in Kidsburgh

The Pittsburgh Section ACS’s 2016 National Chemistry Week/ChemFest event is featured in Kidsburgh list of “10 Pittsburgh fall activities for family fun things to do!”  See the full list here.  Congratulations, Mike!

Congratulations to ACS Pittsburgh Section Member Rena Robinson – Featured in C and E News Talented 12 Cover Story

ACS Pittsburgh Section Member and University of Pittsburgh Professor Rena Robinson was featured in the August 22, 2016 Chemical and Engineering News Cover Story, Talented 12. Read Rena’s story and the entire Talented 12 Cover Story. Congratulations, Rena!

Talented 12 2016 Rena Robinson C and E News_Page_16





CERM 2014 Wins ChemLuminary for the Outstanding Regional Meeting

Congratulations to the CERM 2014 Organizing Committee! At the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia on August 23, 2016, the Pittsburgh Section was awarded this prestigious ChemLuminary.

CERM 2014 Chemluminary Award Picture

Pittsburgh will again host CERM in 2023, a celebration of the Pittsburgh Section’s 120th anniversary. We hope this meeting is even better than CERM 2014!



Congratulations to 2015 Pittsburgh Award Winner and ACS Pittsburgh Section Member Kay Brummond – 2016 Diversity Catalyst Lecturer Award Winner

ACS Pittsburgh Section and 2015 Pittsburgh Award Winner, Dr. Kay Brummond, was honored by the Open Chemistry Collaborative in Diversity Equity (OXIDE) as the winner of the 2016 Diversity Catalyst Lecturer Award Winner.   She was featured in the August 8, 2016 C and E News Issue!  See the article here.  Congratulations, Kay!

Mount Lebanon Freshman Hannah Jones wins 1st Place in 2016 Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Illustrated Poetry Contest


Hannah Jones CCED 2016 Poetry Contest

Congratulations to Pittsburgh Section Member Dr. Stephen Weber – 2016 Winner of the Chromatography Forum of Delaware Valley Dal Nogare Award

Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Weber, the winner of the 2016 Chromatography Forum of Delaware Valley Dal Nogare Award.  The award is given each year to the individual who is an outstanding scientist in the field of chromatography. The awardee is selected on the basis of his contributions to the fundamental understanding of the chromatographic process.

Congratulations to Pittsburgh Section Member Dr. Sandy Asher – 2016 Winner of the Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry Award

Congratulations to Dr. Sandy Asher, the winner of the 2016 Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry Award.   The award is established in recognition of an individual’s significant contributions to the field of analytical chemistry including:

  • introduction of a significant technique, theory or instrument
  • providing exceptional training or a fertile environment for progress in analytical chemistry

The winner will receive a cash award and travel costs to Pittcon and will be included as a speaker in Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry Award Symposium in his/her honor.


Pittsburgh’s National Chemistry Week Featured in C&E News AGAIN!

Congratulations to Mike Mautino, Pittsburgh Section’s ACS NCW Coordinator.  The Pittsburgh Section’s 2015 NCW festivities were featured in Chemical and Engineering News for the second time this year!  Check it out here!  Congratulations, Mike!

Pittsburgh Section Wins ChemLuminary Awards

The Pittsburgh Section ACS was awarded two prestigious ChemLuminary Awards on August 18, 2015, during the ACS’s 17th Annual ChemLuminary Awards event, held in Boston, MA as part of the ACS’s 250th National Meeting. The Pittsburgh Section ACS’s National Chemistry Week (NCW) program was awarded “Outstanding Community Involvement in NCW”, recognizing the 42 organizations that participated in the Section’s 2014 NCW program. The Pittsburgh Section ACS was also the recipient of the “Outstanding Performance by a Local Section – Large Size Category”. This award recognized the many outstanding programs and activities the Pittsburgh Section provides members each year, along with recognizing the successful Central Regional Meeting held in Pittsburgh in October 2014. The Pittsburgh Section wishes to thank all of its officers, committee members, and volunteers who continue to help the Section serve the needs of its members. Check out the C&E News article!

Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Visits Duquesne to Discuss Project SEED

Pittsburgh Section Member and long-time Project SEED Mentor Dr. Jennifer Aitken hosted the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education at Duquesne Monday, July 13, 2015.  Read the Duquesne University Time’s article:  //applications.duq.edu/times/2015/07/pa-secretary-of-education-visits-project-seed-at-duquesne/  Read NPR’s coverage here:  http://wesa.fm/post/pa-education-secretary-visits-teen-scientists-Duquesne.

Congratulations to St. Vincent’s Matthew Fisher – 2015 ACS Fellow

Pittsburgh Section Member and St. Vincent Associate Professor Matthew Fisher has been names a 20125 ACS Fellow.  The Fellows Program  was created by the ACS Board of Directors in December 2008 to recognize members of ACS for outstanding achievements in and contributions to science, the profession, and the Society.  Congratulations, Matthew!

Congratulations to Krzysztof Matyjaszewski – 2015 Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences

Carnegie Mellon University’s Krzysztof Matyjaszewski has won the 2015 Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences.  The Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences is awarded to an individual in a selected area of chemistry to recognize exceptional and original research that has advanced the field in a major way. The prize is awarded biennially and consists of a monetary award of $250,000, a medal, and a citation.  The 2015 Topic:  Making Molecules and Materials.  Congratulations, Kris!  

Congratulations to Jill E. Millstone – 2015 Cottrell Scholar  

University of Pittsburgh Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Jill E. Millstone, was named a 2015 Cottrell Scholar for her work Using Metal-Ligand Chemistry to Understand, Form, and Tailor Nanoscale Alloys.  The Cottrell Scholar Award develops outstanding teacher-scholars who are recognized by their scientific communities for the quality and innovation of their research programs and their academic leadership skills. The Cottrell Scholar Award provides entry into a national community of outstanding scholar-educators who produce significant research and educational outcomes.

Congratulations to Heather Juzwa – 2015 E. Ann Nalley Regional Award for Service to the American Chemical Society

Heather Juzwa was selected to win the 2015 E. Ann Nalley Award.  This award is meant to recognize the volunteer efforts of individuals who have served the American Chemical Society, contributing significantly to the goals and objectives of the Society through their regional activities.


Congratulations to John Jackovitz – Society for Applied Spectroscopy Fellow 2014

John was recognized with the Fellows award for his outstanding service to the field of spectroscopy.

Congratulations to Sandy Asher – 2015 FACSS Charles Mann Award for Applied Raman Spectroscopy

The Charles Mann Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated advancement(s) at a conference presented by FACSS in the field of applied Raman Spectroscopy and/or demonstrated dedication to the advancement of the Raman spectroscopy program at a conference presented by FACSS and/or the ASTM Raman subcommittee.  Congratulations, Sandy!

Congratulations to Derek Wang – North Allegheny Student and USNCO Finalist – Headed to Hanoi!

The Pittsburgh Section of the American Chemical Society congratulates North Allegheny student Derek Wang.  For the second year in a row, Derek was one of 20 USNCO finalists who attended the Chemistry Olympiad Study Camp, June 3-18, 2014, at the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA), in Colorado Springs, CO. The students competed for a spot on the team representing the United States at the 46th International Chemistry Olympiad in Hanoi, Vietnam, July 20-29, 2014.  Derek earned a spot and attended the International Competition in Hanoi!  Congratulations, Derek!

Li (from left), Chen, Kao, and Wang celebrate after winning their medals.
Photo by Melissa Barranger-Mathys

Congratulations to Pittsburgh Section Councilor Michael Mautino

Michael Mautino is the 2014 ACS Pittsburgh Section Outreach Volunteer of the Year in recognition of his tireless efforts to organize and publicize the Pittsburgh Section’s NCW events.  Michael will be recognized among the Local Section Outreach Volunteers of the Year on the national ACS website.  Congratulations, Mike!


Pittsburgh Section Councilor Michelle Coffman Featured in C&EN

Pittsburgh Section Councilor Michelle Cofffman was featured in the December 16, 2013 issue of Chemical & Engineering News for her work on the Committee On Technician Affairs.  See the article here.   Thanks for your dedication, Michelle!

Congratulations to the YCC’s Lea Veras!

Pittsburgh YCC members congratulate their leader, Lea Veras, for being recognized by Younger Chemists Committee of the American Chemical Society for her past contributions and her leadership qualities. Awarded with the Leadership Development Award, she will be representing our organization by participating in the YCC Leadership Development Workshop. 

Congratulations to Nav Shrivastava – National Chemistry Week Illustrated Poetry Contest Winner

The Pittsburgh Section ACS sends its congratulations to Nav Shrivastava, Kindergarten student at Montessori Early Childhood Center, for winning 2nd place in the K-2nd grade category in the 2013 national ACS’s NCW Illustrated Poem Contest!!!

Way to go Nav!!!




Congratulations to Dr. Dennis Curran – Ernest Guenther Award

Dr. Dennis P. Curran of the University of Pittsburgh won the Ernest Guenther Award in the Chemistry of Natural Products.  The purpose of the award is to recognize and encourage outstanding achievements in the analysis, structure elucidation, and chemical synthesis of natural products.

Pittsburgh Section Wins Two ChemLuminary Awards at the Fall Meeting in Indianapolis

The Pittsburgh Section of the American Chemical Society won two prestigious ChemLuminary Awards in Indianapolis on September 10, 2013. The first is for the Environmental Group and their best Sustainability Program. The second is for Outstanding Large Local Section for 2012. Congratulations to all our volunteers for their hard work and dedication!

Congratulations to Terrence J. Collins –  2013 ACS Fellow

Dr. Terry Collins from Carnegie Mellon University was one of only 96 ACS Fellows named in 2013.  This honor is bestowed upon members for their outstanding accomplishments in scientific research, education, and public service.

Congratulations to Dr. Kris Matyjaszewski –  Madison Marshall Award

Dr. Kris Matyjaszewski from Carnegie Mellon University is the winner of the Madison Marshall Award from the ACS North Alabama Section.  The award recognizes an outstanding research chemist who has brought international distinction to himself and to the chemical profession.

Congratulations to Dr. Peter Wipf –  Morley Medal

Dr. Peter Wipf from the University of Pittsburgh is the winner of the Morley Medal from the Cleveland Section.  The award recognizes significant contributions to chemistry through achievements in research, teaching, engineering, research administration, and public service, outstanding service to humanity, or industrial progress in the region.


Congratulations to John Kitchin – 2012 Presidential Early Career Award

Dr. John Kitchin from Carnegie Mellon University is one of 96 researchers chosen by President Barack Obama to receive the annual Presidential Early Career Award for Scientist and Engineers, the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on scientists and engineers in the early stages of their independent research careers.

Congratulations to Daniel Hatfield – Outstanding Physical Chemistry Student Poster

At each ACS national meeting, the Physical Chemistry Division of the ACS recognizes the top student poster presentations.  Six outstanding Physical Chemistry student poster presentations were selected for special recognition at the Fall 2012 ACS national meeting in Philadelphia.  Daniel Hatfield, an undergraduate in Lillian Chong’s Group at the University of Pittsburgh, was one of the six selected.  Daniel’s poster was on “Efficient QM/MM simulations of a diffusion-controlled chemical reaction.”  Congratulations to Daniel, and all the winners at the Fall 2012 meeting.

Prof. Martin Gruebele (program Chair) with poster-award winner, Daniel Hatfield (center), and poster judge/postdoc-award winner, Dr. Joshua Vura-Weis

Congratulations to Dr. Jeffrey Evanseck – 2012 ACS Fellow

Congratulations to Dr. Jeffrey D. Evanseck for being named as a 2012 ACS Fellow.  Dr. Evanseck is a Professor and Fr. Joseph Lauritis Chair of Teaching and Technology in The Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences at Duquesne University.  The American Chemical Society has named 96 members as ACS Fellows.  The new fellows will be honored at the society’s fall national meeting in Philadelphia this August, in a ceremony hosted by ACS Immediate Past-President Nancy B. Jackson.  “ACS is especially proud to honor these chemists, who have given so much to the community and the profession,” said Jackson in announcing the 2012 class of ACS Fellows.  “They are leaders whose work is having a lasting beneficial impact, not just on science but also on the ACS community.” Their contributions include outstanding and creative scientific research, superior achievements in the teaching and learning of chemistry, managerial excellence, and volunteer service through meetings and communication with the public, she noted.  The fellows program began in 2009 as a way to recognize and honor ACS members for outstanding achievements in and contributions to science, the profession, and ACS.

Penn Trafford Senior Lindsay Hill wins 1st Place in 2012 Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Illustrated Poetry Contest


Burkett Elementary School Student Olivia Lyscik wins 2nd Place in
2011 National Chemistry Week Poetry Contest








Congratulations to Olivia and her teacher, Alysssa Kidd!


Pittsburgh Section Wins Two ChemLuminary Awards in 2011

Outstanding Project Seed Program

From left to right: Dr. Joshua Pak (Chair Project SEED), Dr. James Manner (Councilor, Pittsburgh Section), Elizabeth Thornton, Marissa Defratti, (both Sto Rox HS seniors), Josh Lucas (Sto Rox HS teacher), Dr. Bassam Shakhashiri (ACS President Elect).

The Project Seed Program at Duquesne University is in its seventh consecutive year under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Aitken. This is the second ChemLuminary Award for the Duquesne University Program, having received this award in the fall of 2008.

Entering its eighth year, the Duquesne University Project SEED program has had 33 students participate. Approximately one third of these were male, two thirds female and approximately 50 % white and 50 % African American, Hispanic or biracial.

In 2011, the following organizations supported one project SEED student; The PittsburghSection ACS, SACP, SSP, Bayer Materials and PPG Industries. Congratulations to Duquesne University for their outstanding accomplishments for this award winning program (http://duquesneprojectseed.blogspot.com/).

Outstanding On-Going National Chemistry Week Event

For the 12th consecutive year, the Section’s National Chemistry Week celebration consisted of a two-day event with 335 volunteers representing 31 groups helping to conduct hands-on activities related to the National Chemistry Week theme. Attendance for the event was 4,363.

Lynn Hogue, Chair, Committee on Community Activities,V. Michael Mautino, National Chemistry Week Chair, Joe Francisco, ACS Past President

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Student Affiliates Honored for 2011 National Chemistry Week Video

Check out their video here:


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