Executive Committee

Congratulations to our 2017 Executive Committee Members!

Chair:  Dr. David Waldeck
Chair-Elect:  Dr. Kristi Kauffman
Immediate Former Chairman:  Dr. Evonne Baldauff
Secretary:  Dr. Chad Keyes
Secretary-Elect:  Mackenzie Speer
Treasurer:  Kelly Colopietro
Treasurer-Elect:  Dr. Amy Rupert
The Crucible Newsletter Editor:  Logan Miller


Dr. Toby Chapman (term ends 12/31/17)
Dr. Joseph Jolson (term ends 12/31/17)
Heather Juzwa (term ends 12/31/17)
Dr. Fu-Tyan Lin (term ends 12/31/18)
Dr. David Gallaher (terms ends 12/31/18)
Dr. Monique Hockman (term ends 12/31/19)


V. Michael Mautino (term ends 12/31/17)
Dr. Richard Danchik (term ends 12/31/18)
Dr. Robert Mathers (term ends 12/31/19)
Dr. Kimberly Woznack (term ends 12/31/19)

Alternate Councilors:

Dr. Brian Strohmeier (term ends 12/31/17)
Michelle Coffman (term ends 12/31/17)
Dr. Joe Jolson (term ends 12/31/18)

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